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things i have not especially loved about paris as of late:

ideally-quick lunches that turn into two and a half hours because the waitstaff assumes you don’t work (because no one else here does).  dirty looks on the metro.  creepy looks on the metro.  young men who think that aggressively following you while calling you “charmante” will get them laid.  man-scarves.  man-purses.  tight man-pants.  …men?  ha.  10-euro drinks.  18-euro salads.  the euro in general.

things i have loved:

warm nights.  hot rain.  cold rain.  raindrops so big they look fake.  rain that gives me an excuse to wear boots.  thunderstorms.  thunder so loud it makes me jump out of bed thinking a satellite has crashed into my courtyard.  the cool breeze that follows the storm.  double rainbows over notre dame.


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